12 Hair Products in 1 Revolutionary Hair Cream

Posted on 24/04/2014 · Posted in General, Hair, News

It takes a lot to impress the Krosbie & Co team – but the new Monplantin Multi-Action Hair Cream has certainly lived up to it’s name. We think it’s one hair product that every woman should have.

We’ve been using it for a while and now we are stocking the product, so you can buy it from the Krosbie & Co. salon.

Just a single bottle solves all of your hair health, hair care and styling needs, all in one.

Start counting:

1. Leaves hair shiny, vital and easy to control
2. Holds perfect styling long term
3. Adds volume and hold

4. Repairs and rehabilitates dry and damaged hair
5. Releases tangles
6. Mends split ends

7. Protects hair colour and contains UVA and UVB filters
8. Protects against the damaging effects of heat
9. Provides extra protection following different straightening treatments (Japanese / Brazilian / American / French)

10. Leaves hair soft and silky
11. Makes combing and smoothing with blow-dryer easier
12. Enticingly scented to leave the hair perfumed

Monplantin Multi-Action Hair Cream is now available at Krosbie & Co.