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Krosbie& Co. named Water Champion

Hairdressers can hardly stop washing hair in the salon, but Krosbie & Co. has proven there are other ways to save water. From this month, clients can see exactly how much the salon has saved when they see Krosbie and Co’s new Save Our Water Award certificate, presented to the team by eco-friendly disposable towel company Easydry. Krosbie & Co’s certificate, now proudly on display in the salon, shows the team saved an incredible 13,500 litres of water, helping to massively reduce its carbon footprint.
“It is the nature of our business to be heavy water users. We can’t stop shampooing clients’ hair, but we can make other changes, such as switching to Easydry, to save what is becoming an increasingly precious commodity,” said Krosbie & Co’s partner, Monica Brennan. “Using Easydry means that we don’t launder hundreds of cotton towels every week, which has ensured our water use is much lower than traditional salons and helped reduce our carbon footprint.”
Krosbie & Co. starting using Easydry when it opened last year as an alternative to laundering cotton towels on a daily basis after discovering that the lifetime carbon footprint of an Easydry towel was much less than laundering a cotton towel just once. “Easydry helps us look after our clients and the environment at the same time, and our clients have welcomed our commitment to more sustainable practices,” says Krosbie & Co.
Water is becoming one of the world’s most precious resources, but consumption is outstripping supply –  especially in the UK. According to water conservation group Waterwise, London is drier than Istanbul, while the UK overall has less water available per person than most other European countries.
“With water fast becoming one of the most precious commodities, we need to embrace more sustainable business practices and celebrate those who do,” said Easydry’s CEO, Anne Butterly. “That’s why we launched Save Our Water, so our clients can show their clients that they are considerate of the environment.”